How To Be Healthy

So much has been written on the subject that I wondered if the world needed yet another magic pill dressed up as a new exercise craze or the latest superfood - or this article. Faced with a concept so idealistic, highly prized and therefore so daunting, the kindest thing one can do for oneself is to keep it simple. Here's what I propose, if I may be so bold.

Let's boil down our perpetual quest for health to its simplest molecule. Choice.

There is power - real power - in choosing how you will respond to your circumstances from one potential-laden moment to the next. The decision to shy away from making a choice counts as a choice, too, by the way.

I said we'd keep things simple so here are three choices you may wish to consider as you get started (or continue) on your quest for true health:

  • Look within. Accept that the choices you have made up to this point have led you to where you are now. Acknowledge this without judgement, blame or criticism of yourself, others or your genes.

  • Practice gratitude. Isn't it incredible that we each have a body that constantly lets us know how we're doing? A physiological whisper ("Ahem! That raw kale in the green smoothie really didn't agree with me.") becomes an ear-splitting yell and, eventually, a diagnosis when appropriate changes are not made. Think of these as gentle nudges and signposts that can help you get to where you need to be.

  • Take action. This could be getting to bed earlier than usual or choosing to spend more time in contact with nature. Make the very best choice you can manage at the time. Baby steps.

Chi Feasey