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Your doctor is convinced that the right combination of pills in the right dose will finally rid you of your chronic, unexplained symptoms.

Your partner/spouse, friend and the nice gentleman at the supermarket checkout know the One Thing you absolutely must do to regain your vim and vigour.

Food elimination roulette is the new black but it is - quite frankly - exhausting, boring and ruining your social life.

This is where YOU come in.

Hi, I'm Chi.

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I'm a qualified nutritional therapist, functional medicine student and your ally as you find your way back to vitality and the life you desire. Drawing on my own personal experience with autoimmune disease, I help clients who seek to live life to the full by going beyond overly restrictive diets and into the heart and soul of wellbeing:

  • Stress management

  • Restorative sleep

  • Movement and play

  • Mindfulness

  • Habit formation and reversal

You have a track record of victories (great and small), intrinsic motivation and a wealth of inner resources, all of which you can harness to create a plan that you can feel excited and confident to implement. In the judgement-free space I provide, you can choose your own optimal health adventure, conduct experiments to mix and match what works best for you or pick my brain if you so wish.

You are the expert you’ve been waiting for.

Ready? Let’s get started.



I'm also a wife and a mother of two delightful girls - aged 9 and 6 - living life on my own terms with Raynaud’s disease.

Like you, I know what it's like to have baffling symptoms and to yearn for empathy, support and answers.

As a fashion student, intern, employee and - eventually - a business owner, I cut corners wherever I could to meet deadlines. I had a particular fondness for sugary snacks and a deeply rooted “addiction” to bread. I loathed cooking and frequently bragged about how much I was able to get done having had very little sleep.

The change in me was subtle at first but over time, the brain fog, mood swings, fatigue and skin breakouts became impossible to ignore. I actually felt betrayed by my body. I couldn't believe that it had "let me down" having bravely soldiered on for so long.

I booked an appointment with my GP and was struck by the fact that despite jaw-dropping advances in modern medicine, he could not see that my "niggles" - if left unaddressed - might someday become a fully formed diagnosis.

I began to read everything I could on the subject of wellbeing and I made a startling discovery. Despite indications to the contrary, there was nothing "wrong" with me. I was merely responding appropriately to the sub-optimal conditions I had provided. I began to view my symptoms as an invitation to change rather than a failure on the part of my genes, physiology or sheer rotten luck.

I changed what I ate and worked hard on my relationship with food, cancelled my gym membership and took up meditation. My moods were infinitely better - and continue to be, according to my husband! - and I have far more energy in my forties than I ever did in my twenties. I no longer have to hide imperfect skin or sleep deprivation behind make-up the second I get out of bed. I feel as though I have finally come home to myself.

My experiences prompted me to enrol on the nutrition course at the College Of Naturopathic Medicine and I subsequently enrolled on the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program at the Kresser Institute. It is both my pleasure and privilege to serve others who seek better health and greater vitality.

I am not perfect - I continue to be a work in progress - nor do I have all the answers. I, however:

  • Eat delicious and nourishing food without ever feeling deprived.

  • Exercise less and yet move more of my body than I ever have before.

  • Feel my absolute best when I spend time in nature.

  • Have a deep and abiding trust in my body to steer me in the right direction.

I am neither unique nor special. I am everything you are - and could be.

I consider myself to be an ally to each of my clients, offering root cause resolution, personalised guidance and reminding them of what they already instinctively know:

  • Symptoms are the language our bodies use to communicate the need for different choices - choices that will bring it back into alignment.

  • A body that is in alignment cannot help but thrive rather than merely survive.

Let me help you.